Hark, Winter Traveler!

Tired of languidly skiing down the same old slopes and lackadaisically ice-fishing in the same old holes?  Well, despair not!  The City of New Crúiskeen, in scenic Upstate New Uruk, has precisely what you require.  Yes, the annual Bean Day celebration is a mere 9 months away, well-nigh nascent,   so wipe that hoar-frost from your day-planner and pencil in the adventure   of a lifetime!

Indeed, from the lowest level of the steam-tunnels to the tip of the lightning rod atop De Selby Tower, you will never escape from the excitement and fun that awaits those intrepid enough to seek it out!  And with the date looming ever closer, vacancies are filling up fast, so be sure to make your reservation today!

Latest news:
4/14/06 Film crews to descend on New Crúiskeen to capture the Bean Day experience for new documentary!
4/1/06 Actor Ethan Hawke just added to list of speakers for candlelit vigil.
3/17/06 Hrothgar's Mead Hall has decided to expand their Skaldic Karaoke schedule to five nights a week! Now featuring ladies' restroom classic, The Hysteriad!
Rep. wants 50000 clams for Bean Day